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I am
Xavier Royale Lewis.


Texas born and raised, a 23 year old graduate from A.M.D.A. (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy) with a BFA in Performance Arts Acting. During a break from his schooling in 2017 he, along with some friends from his home town, created his first short film "Inside Voice". Having worked on a film project outside of school sparked the beginning of his passion for the entertainment industry. Going back to school he focused more on what goes on behind the camera in order to understand how to better his future film aspirations. 

After Graduation he signed with BICOASTAL MGMT just in time for the global pandemic to take over. His passion for film making only grew during this time and he went on to create the films you can find here on this website. Excited to continue this journey in film making, Xavier created this space to properly display his art and motivate and inspire anyone who wants to do the same. 

People say "It takes a village to raise a child". Here at Salem Street Production, we are always looking to grow and work with new people to tell new stories.


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